Let me introduce you to a few dozen of the most awesome people ever

So, we’ve been running a Kickstarter campaign to raise some funds for our latest production, Out at Sea (opens this Friday…got your tickets yet?). Basically, it’s a social fundraising site where you only get the money if you meet your target. And boy, did the ARC community come through to make sure we actually exceeded our goal.

On behalf of everyone in the company, a very big ARC thank you to the following amazing human beings:

  • Michael Meredith
  • Anita & Ken Schmidt
  • Alexandra Barlow
  • Cathy Bolan
  • Laura Bradley
  • Joan Burrows
  • Richard Green
  • David Hunter
  • Brad & Jana Lepp
  • Dodie & Chris Lepp
  • Chelsea Novak
  • Andrew & Christine Sloss
  • Cheryl Green
  • Angela Nelson-Heesch
  • Bryan Bolan
  • Sharon & Ed Heide
  • Kathy Gaitt
  • Fani Koitsopoulos
  • Hedy Lepp
  • Marcia McNabb
  • John Provart
  • Aileen Randell
  • Andrew Randell
  • Mary Ann Farrell
  • Pauline Soman
  • Jody Hewston
  • Becca Buttigieg
  • Kristian Bruun
  • Carly Jones
  • Elizabeth Kramp
  • Bianca Laudadio
  • Randy & Frieda Lepp
  • Carolyn Mackenzie
  • Patrick Mills
  • Michael Molenaar
  • Jill Passmore
  • Elisabeth Patrick
  • Allison Saretsky
  • Gail Sauer
  • Robin Senior
  • Russell Smith
  • Bobbie
  • Loren Kolar
  • Janet Green
  • Emma Hillier
  • Sven van de Ven
  • Brendan McMurtry-Howlett
  • Laurie Sarkuni
  • Rebecca Singh
  • Brett Smith
  • Vertical Cat
  • Flavia Ferrero
  • Lindsay Green
  • Ana Monnard
  • Anonymous

If you’re thinking, “Man, I wish I could get thanked on the ARC website”, fret not. You have until tomorrow (August 5th) at 5:00PM to kick in a few dollars. And remember, this isn’t just a donation. You also get keen things like free tickets and website thank-yous.

The play features ARC members Andre Sills, John Fitzgerald Jay, Sam Malkin, and Gordan Bolan. It plays at the Factory Theatre Mainspace on Friday, Aug. 5 (5:00pm), Aug. 7 (2:30pm), Aug. 8 (10:00pm), Aug. 10 (10:00pm), Aug. 12 (5:00pm), and Aug. 14 (7:30pm). Tickets are $15, available at 416 504 7529, artsboxoffice.ca, or at the door. We hope to see you there!



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